Reach for the Sky - Bordered print of Don the Beachcomber, destination for lovers of tiki culture


I framed this photo to capture the skyward reach of the palm trees and the Don’s sign. The sign is such a visible landmark from a distance when approaching and the tall palm trees create the effect of an oasis, inviting you to turn off the highway and pass some time in paradise. The is done in black and white partly to add a bit of a retro look, but primarily to accent the bold geometry of the shot.

Sadly, Don's closed in April of 2018. I took this photo three weeks before that.

The print is high quality pigmented ink on white archival paper with a white border all around. Each print is hand titled, signed, and accompanied by a certificate containing all pertinent information about the image.

This photo is original photography by Ken Hudson. All rights reserved and may not be reproduced without written permission of the artist. Facebook sharing of this post is permitted and encouraged.

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