Moai at Sunset


During our visit to Rapa Nui, we experienced fierce storms at times and the clouds made for spectacular sunsets. Rapa Nui vies with Tristan da Cunha as the farthest inhabited island from other inhabited land, depending on the interpretation of “inhabited”. Staring out to sea from Rapa Nui and knowing how far one is from other civilization, the sense of isolation can be overwhelming. These moai are located at Ahu Vai Ure, part of the larger Tahai Ceremonial Complex. Originally composed of six moai, I centered this photo to honor the missing one on the left.

Pigmented color ink on archival metallic silver paper. 8.5"x11" with approximately 1/2" wide borders. Each print is hand titled, signed, and accompanied by a certificate describing the image. Shipped in cardboard tubes.

This photo is original photography by Ken Hudson. All rights reserved and may not be reproduced without written permission of the artist. Facebook sharing of this post is permitted and encouraged.

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