Borneo Headhunter Trophy Skull replica with carrying handle/hanging loop

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This is a highly detailed and realistic replica based on an actual example and/or anthropological studies of head hunter trophies from the Dayak tribe of Borneo. This one features a carrying handle woven of natural fiber and wrapping on the handle of course cloth. All fibers dyed/aged. No carving. These were often hung from the rafters of the longhouses or the main beam of a house. As needed. the trophy could be taken down and carried about by the handle to show off one's prowess as a warrior. Starting with a high quality resin anatomical skull of realistic size and weight, each skull is modified, carved, stained, painted, aged, and otherwise adorned as shown to create an authentic and realistic collectible for display in your unique space. Adornments, if any are shown, are as authentic and natural to the region and anthropological records as reasonably possible. Whether you want a conversation piece for your office, your living room, or your bar, this is a significant focal point and conversation starter.

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