Ana Kai Tangata


The cave known as Ana Kai Tangata contains these nearly four meter high walls adorned with Manutara/seagull images. The translated name of the cave includes the words or concepts “man”, “eat”, and “cave”. It is variously interpreted as “the cave where men are eaten”, “the cave that eats men”, and “the cave where men eat”. The most popular explanation is that it is “the cave where men are eaten” owing to the belief that cannibalism took place during periods of starvation on the island as food resources were depleted either by man or by Polynesian rats. History aside, I loved the colors and textures.

Pigmented color ink on archival pro luster paper. 8.5"x11" with approximately 1/2" wide borders. Each print is hand titled, signed, and accompanied by a certificate describing the image. Shipped in cardboard tubes.

This photo is original photography by Ken Hudson. All rights reserved and may not be reproduced without written permission of the artist. Facebook sharing of this post is permitted and encouraged.

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