Tiki tiki cocktail shaker - "Shaking Things Up!"


This one features a tiki figure and comes with four drink recipes including the original Mai Tai, Chief Lapu Lapu, Hurricane, and Scorpion! It also tells you which garnishes are traditionally used in each of the drinks.

Original vintage-look graphics echo the earliest days of tiki cocktails and has a distressed look to simulate age and use. These graphics are fired on the glass at a temperature of 1200 degrees F, so they are durable and will hold up to heavy use. 8-1/2" tall with lid.

The "Shaking Things Up!" cocktail system makes it super easy to make a perfect cocktail every time and very quickly! Each drink recipe simply has ingredients listed in order of addition with easy line markings. Simply pour each listed ingredient to the line for that ingredient and keep adding ingredients as shown. Add ice at the end, shake, and pour into a mai tai glass. It literally couldn't be easier unless you have someone else make it for you! The range of drinks provides a strong drink, a sweet drink, something in between, and a non-rum drink so that you can offer a variety of drink styles all from one shaker to please a variety of people. No recipe books, measuring tools...just make perfect drinks in minutes every time.

But wait, there's more!

This shaker also has pour-to-the-line generic recipes, including the 1-2-3-4 ratio and the basic daiquiri ratio that help you to invent and make original drinks that actually taste good! Many classic tiki cocktails on ice are made with the 1-2-3-4 ratio and many tiki drinks served straight up are made using the basic daiquiri ratio. If you have virtually anything sour and sweet, plus alcohol, and maybe some fruit juice, you can make an incredible variety of drinks that all taste different and all taste good using ingredients you have readily on hand. It also has ounce markers for those who insist on doing things the hard way!

Each shaker comes with a list of ingredients you need to keep on hand to make the drinks on that shaker, including garnishes.

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