KenTiki Everything on a Stick


The KenTiki Everything on a Stick contains all of the following sound tracks on a USB drive in MP3 format which you can add to your existing KenTiki sound box or to your MP3 playlist on any device:

KenTiki Jungle Box - The original! Consists of two tracks. Over two hours of New Zealand rainforest sounds layered with some rain sessions, occasional distant conch calls and drums, and a few surprises!

KenTiki Nautical Box - Over two hours of a wooden sailing ship on the water in calm and rough seas, coastal sounds, and harbor sounds. Great for shipwreck or pirate themes!

KenTiki Chants and Drums - Over three hours of tropical jungle with a number of drumming sessions and Polynesian chants with a couple of healthy rainstorms...and a volcano sequence! This is my take on the environment at Disney's Trader Sam's. A slightly darker and more up front vibe than the Jungle Box (think Jumanji).

KenTiki Africa Box - Over three hours of African environmental sound, this is perfect for Adventureland enthusiasts! Imagine yourself on a jungle cruise...this is carefully woven together with entirely authentic natural recordings of surroundings and animals. It feature some intermittent rainstorms plus savannah and jungle environments, while elephants, lions, hippos, hyenas, primates, and loads of birds keep you company. Includes occasional distant African drumming and song. Don your pith helmet and watch out for lions!

Plug this into any existing KenTiki sound box USB port and have everything available on one box! Or, add these MP3s to your playlist at home and pump up the volume for any size of room or open space. If you really want to feel the volcano or thunder, here you go!

Please note: USB memory stick appearance may vary.

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